Various NVH parts - elastomeric bushes and metal composite elements
Project management for various components
Schematic illustration of a project plan

Project management

We conduct your automotive project from concept through to serial production.

Efficient project management

Various companies and professions are involved until a product is ready for serial manufacture. In order to achieve a good cooperation, to maintain schedules and to communicate and implement changes effectively, a centrally managed organisation providing reliable documentation is essential. We coordinate processes of all the companies involved in the value chain.

Tomforde Engineering conducts projects through all phases to start of serial production. We select and appoint appropriate partners. We lead working groups and meetings. We set up and track project plans and schedules. We assist with concept planning and provide individual solutions to all our clients - from OEM to Tier suppliers. Due to our extensive experience in the automotive supply industry, and in particularly the industrialisation of elastomeric bushes and development of supplier bases, we transfer customer-specific requirements and regulations into optimised processes.

With our reliable documentation we achieve transparency in every single process.

Your project is called 'Certification'?

We offer our advice and support regarding full compliance with international standards and regulations to system suppliers. If you as a supplier to the automotive industry, need to achieve a certification according to IATF 16949 or DIN ISO 9001, we will support you in identifying and implementing all necessary measures and prepare you for your audit.

Our services for your project

1 Prerun phase
  • Analysis of existing situation/resources
  • Strategic planning
2 Project start
  • Requirements specification
  • Product conception and feasibility studies
  • Project planning and scheduling supported by APQP documentation
  • Supplier support/management
  • Cost planning
3 Design & Prototyping
  • CAD engineering
  • Simulation/ Computation (CAE)
  • Drawings and parts lists complying to required standards
  • Generation of A & D lists
  • Generation of test procedures and assay methods
  • Component optimisation to meet cost & weight targets (CAE method)
  • Manufacture of prototypes
  • Validation, Real-time stress fatigue rig testing
  • Documentation
  • Optimisation of part or assembly
4 Industrialisation
  • Tool / mould construction
  • Process optimisation
  • Quality Management
  • Capacity verification
  • Change control management
  • Business continuity management / crisis management