Picture showing two CAE images
CAE simulation
We are experienced in toolmaking and mould construction.

Inventive engineering

If automotive, machine or equipment technology - we design your component.

Comprehensive engineering services

We provide innovative engineering services, tailored to your needs, for all phases of a product life-cycle. Our engineers have comprehensive experience in the areas of component design, CAE simulation, prototypes manufacture with validation and production planning. Take advantage of our engineering competence to augment your inventive potential and thus your market position.

Our cross-sector expertise not only focuses on chassis technology, but also component and assembly design for sectors such as system and machine construction, drive technology, device manufacturing, environmental technology and mould and die manufacture.

Simulation (CAE)

At a very early stage of a project the performance and functionality of newly designed components are being validated by computer simulation, prior to committing to prototype tool manufacture.

Real-time operating stress fatigue rig testing

Tomforde Engineering plans the realisation of your real-time operating tests and analyses the results. We are specialised in adapting real-time operating tests to the individual, technical needs of our customers.

Development of test procedures and assay methods

Tomforde Engineering is specialised in analysis and reconstruction of component-specific failure patterns. Developing individual test procedures and assay methods ensures early detection of any potential component failure modes, which require correction.

Our engineers work with the following software

  • Siemens NX
  • AutoCAD